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We believe that anxiety disorders are treatable and that no one should have to live with excessive anxiety.

Social Phobia

What is Social Phobia?

People with social phobia (GSP) experience extreme anxiety in social situations. While many people are somewhat nervous about social interactions, those with GSP have anxiety which prevents them from keeping up with their activities. For example, a person with GSP may turn down jobs requiring them to give presentations, may avoid situations in which they would need to interact with others, and may avoid situations where others may observe them, such as eating in public. Some people with GSP do force themselves to confront these situations, but they endure them with intense anxiety.

Clinical Services
  • Diagnostic assessment for Social Phobia
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

    This treatment is on a fee-for-service basis. We offer a free initial assessment. For those enrolled in our research study, treatment is available free of charge upon completion of the study.

    Our Research

  • We are currently offering FREE TREATMENT as part of a clinical trial program for individuals who are troubled by excessive anxiety due to Social Phobia. Eligibility for participation is determined through an extensive interview with a clinic therapist. Treatment involves twelve computer sessions, held twice a week for six weeks. Click here to learn more about participating
  • CBT treatment is available free of charge upon completion of the study.
  • Social Anxiety Resources

    Other Local

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