Center for Understanding and Treating Anxiety


Our therapists are trained in the most current research on assessment and treatment in order to provide up-to-date services. We offer assessment and treatment for the following anxiety and related disorders:


We offer comprehensive diagnostic assessment for anxiety and related disorders. Our assessment typically consists of self-report questionnaires as well as an in-depth, structured diagnostic interview. The purpose of these assessments is to help us determine diagnosis, nature of anxiety difficulties, and prioritize treatment goals in order to provide you with appropriate treatment recommendations.


We provide treatments that have demonstrated efficacy for anxiety and related disorders, including cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and exposure and response prevention (ERP).


Our treatment is on a fee-for-service basis. Fees and treatment will be determined at the initial interview and are based on a sliding scale. We do not contract directly with insurance providers; however, these fees are generally reimbursable through many insurance plans. Please call your insurance company to find out if your plan reimburses.

To learn more about our assessment or treatment services, please call us at 619-229-3740. We offer an initial phone consultation free of charge.