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OCD Support Group

Our OCD support group is for people who want to overcome their OCD and need some extra support through this difficult process, by seeing your peers succeed it can provide hope and motivation to take on GOALs for yourself. Family members affected by OCD are also welcome to attend. While the support group content is geared primarily towards an adult audience, mature children and adolescents are welcome to attend with their parents at their parent's discretion.


    Due to the statewide COVID-19 lockdown, we will not be holding the monthly support group meetings. We will make an announcement when support groups meetings will resume.

    If you need helpful resources during this time, please visit:

What If I am in Treatment for OCD or Already Completed Treatment?

Working through OCD is an ongoing process, even if you are in treatment or just finished having support can immensely reduce the risk for relapse and keep you motivated to continue working through your symptoms.

What Should I Expect?

The meeting is separated into 3 phases:

1. The Question

Before each meeting the leader will pick a topic to discuss, to help members focus on an idea to reflect on. This helps members learn from each other.

2. GOAL Planning

In this phase members split up into small groups that are lead by more experienced members and with their support each person develops GOALS to work on in between meetings, usually in the form of ERP.

3. Socializing

This is more informal, and allows time for group members to develop rapport and trust so they can have a relationship and feel safe to discuss and learn from others.


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